Mar 9, 2010

March is ok- so far

The first couple weeks of March have gone pretty well.  Considering at this point last month we were trying to figure out if we needed to get a lawyer in Louisiana to keep a stalking whore (aka Jenn Green, "Christian jazz singer") away from us, it's fantastic!

Yesterday my friend Anne picked me up and we headed over Kaneohe to Aloha Yarns.  I love that store.  Nanea is so nice.  The store is small, but has a good selection.  I didn't need much, just a skein of sock yarn for the socks I'm designing.  I have one pair almost done, but the second is giving me fits.  Plus I want to work up a second pair when the testers get back to me so I can see what any changes would be for myself. I found a really nice skein of merino/alpaca/nylon from Plymouth.  It's their Dye For Me line, and the specific yarn is Dancing Toes.  It's wonderfully soft and squooshy!

After that we were going to go over Kailua for lunch, but on the way out of town I spied the fabric store I've been wanting to go to.  Every time I'm over in K-bay I have some reason (Justin and the girls, a friend who doesn't sew, etc) I can't go in there.  Well, Anne sews, and she's damn good at it, so she turned around and we went.  I got a couple of patterns and saw some beautiful fabrics.  Best of all, I've got some great ideas for the flower girl dresses I need for the girls this summer.  They're going to be in Jesse and Gina's wedding.  I'm not crazy about spending $100/dress for something they'll wear once.  So when Anne told me she used to be a costumer, I asked her to help me make the dresses.  We can likely do both for less than $50.  She was all over it.  :)  We also found a pattern for me.  It's a cute retro dress that will be really comfy to shoot in all day.

To top off the day, she took me to lunch at Panda Express.  Mmmmmm.... orange chicken.  :p  We tried to go to Helena's, a Hawaiian place, but they were closed on Mondays.  Boo.  We ended up back at my house, where we found out the cafe we have knit night at had a kitchen fire and was likely closed.  Double boo.

Today I got to have breakfast with Amber and Gloria.  I haven't seen Gloria in forever, so BSing with her was really nice.  I'll be happy when we move over there by her and I can see her more often.  I got to snuggle the baby, who still gives me the stink eye at times....  like I'm going to steal his non-existent wallet.  Apparently he does that to a lot of people.  It's pretty funny.

The rest of this month is looking to be busy.....  this weekend is a birthday party, next week is spring break, the bachelor/bachelorette parties for Doug and Angela, and their wedding on the 20th.  Then my friend Amy is renewing her vows on the 27/28 of March and I'm shooting it.  I still have sizing and some editing to do on the sock pattern, and then I have to decide what to do with it.... do I submit it to Knitty?  Self publish?  Sanguine Gryphon is running a call for designers, so maybe I'll do that.  If it doesn't make the cut, I can always take one of the other two options.

Hopefully April will be slow.  All we have is Justin's birthday, and that's not till the end of the month.

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