Mar 4, 2010

It's been a good day, tater....

Because today is my birthday!  Beyond that, cool stuff has happened today.

Justin let me sleep in, and he got the girls off to school.  And neither of us had to drive.  :)

We both got showers and completely ready to go before the water got turned off.

My parking karma is still good.

We went to the vasectomy briefing, laughed our asses off and will be calling bright and early Monday to make the appointment for his procedure.

I had Taco Bell for lunch.

I found a kickass skull shirt at Target.

I outprocessed my job and am completely a contractor now.  Plus it looks like the director will buy a new laptop and Photoshop so I can teach a Photoshop class.

I got cool beads to make stitchmarkers.

My MIL sent me money!

I have had many, MANY happy birthday messages!  So many on Facebook that I had to hit the "older posts" button three times.  My friends are awesome.

Justin is making dinner (probably chicken curry and yellow rice) and brownies tonight.

Tomorrow is a furlough day, so I can sleep in again!

I have the 100th episode of Ghost Hunters on the DVR ready to watch tonight.

This has been an awesome, awesome birthday.  :D


k-brow said...

Happy Birthday!!! May the candles on your cake burn like cities in your wake...

Oh yeah, you changed your music, excellent choice there.

Is HI gonna solve the furlough issue before the next school year, d'ya think?

Dorothy said...


I have no idea about the furloughs. As far as I know, they've been made part of next year's school calendar. I am not happy, but there's not much I can do. I would suck at homeschooling and there's no way we can afford two private school tuitions.