Mar 16, 2010


There was much squeeeing this morning.

My sock pattern is going to be part of The Sanguine Gryphon's summer '10 collection!!!!

I can't show you till it's published, but I'm wicked excited.  This pattern was born on a lark.  I had a skein of Sundara sock yarn I wanted to use.  I had an overwhelming itch to make a pair of socks.  I pulled out the stitch dictionary, did some maths and started knitting.....  after several frogs, a sock was born.  I had no idea what to do with it beyond putting it up for sale on Ravelry.  The I saw the call for patterns from TSG and figured what the hell?  I have a pattern, and it's good.  If they tell me no, I'll go with the original plan.  BUT THEY TOOK IT.  :D

It's a beyooooootiful sock.  Feminine, but not girly.  Sizeable beyond the sizes I'll write it in.  You can make it taller and give it calf shaping.  It's easy to narrow if you have a narrow foot (and most people have a smaller foot than I do.  I wear 9-9.5 wide.  I have big, flat feet.  Wearing flip-flops every day hasn't helped.).

So now it's to grading, swatching in the SG yarn (I get to try one I haven't used before!), and knitting the sock again.  In return I get 50% of the pattern sales and being attached to the SG brand for three years.  Not too shabby for my second time out the gate (I have a free bag pattern up on Rav).  When the pattern is up, I'll make sure to post.  It looks like mid-May or June based on when I need to have the pattern to Gryphon.  But for now you can all squeeeeeee along with me!!!

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k-brow said...

Conratulations. I can't even imagine designing a sock, even though pretty much knit all my socks using "recipes" as opposed to patterns. Very cool.