Feb 18, 2010

No clever title today

The past few weeks have been.... exciting?  I guess?  I'll go over a few things about February in another post, since this weekend I want to focus on happy things.

This weekend is my 12th anniversary!  Justin and I don't have any big plans.  We're planning on going up to the North Shore with the girls and swimming in Kawela Bay (my favorite beach).  Then later on in the evening we'll grill some fancy steaks, make some cheesy potatoes and watch a movie.  We'll probably eat some Ben and Jerry's.  Very low-key, but perfect.  Dinner out is nice, but we're not fancy people.  I really just want to celebrate us by doing things we like.  And since it has been such a crazy few weeks, the non-activity will be nice.  

The only other thing we might do is go see The Black Pearl.  What, you say?  The Black Pearl?  Like from Pirates of the Caribbean?  Why, yes, that's exactly what I mean!  They're filming the new movie here this spring/summer and the ship came over early for an overhaul.  It's docked out at Barber's Point, less than 30 min from my house.  I bet if I went out to the base beach and looked across the harbor, I could see it.  I want to see it up close, so we're driving our happy asses over there.  And I WILL be auditioning to get a part as an extra.  :)  My friend Doug is going to try out, too, and I bet he'll get in.  He looks like a pirate.  Ho fucking cool would that be.  I've never really cared about being an extra in anything (I still haven't sent my stuff in for LOST), but this- this is the motherfucking Pirates of the motherfucking Caribbean!!  Only one of my favorite rides ever at Disneyland.  And I'd be in a Disney movie!  Me, working for The Mouse!  :D

In other news, I quit my job.  Well, sort of.  I won't be a regular employee over at the ACC anymore.  I'll still be teaching as a contractor.  I really enjoy teaching, and I'd hate to give it up.  I've been getting calls to shoot weddings, so I decided to go into that for a while.  It's fun, pays well, and I'm good at it.  People seem to want to pay me for it, so what the hell?

So that's it for now..... I'll post some pictures of the pirate ship.  And maybe the LOST graves- we may stop and see them on the way up to Kawela.  They're on the way up to the beach.

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Missy said...

The ship is awesome! Don't know how close you'll be able to get to it but the details are incredible on it!!!! It's been in castaway cay where the cruise ship goes on their private island... And it's incredible up close. Smaller than I thought it was but it was really detailed and crazy looking!