Feb 26, 2010

February can DIAMFF

I am done with February. DONE. This has been one of the worst months I’ve had in a long time. So far February has:
  • Had the return of the Whore (otherwise known as Jenn Green), and all accompanying drama
  • Job wank to the point where I quit my fucking job
  • My grandmother refusing further treatment for her cancer and Parkinson’s and moving to a residential hospice
  • Bridal shower wank from the MOH who is bitching we “didn’t include her enough”. Apparently those FB emails she never bothered to respond to weren’t good enough.
And now my friend’s baby almost died today. The same baby born last month who almost died during birth and needed an emergency c-section to not die. He stopped breathing this morning and had a small seizure. At the ER he crashed twice. Thankfully it was “just” a respiratory crash- his heart continued to beat. He’s got RSV really bad, and is full of tubes and wires in the PICU right now. Any more and I would think he was in the motherfucking Matrix.
Thank Bob February only has 2 more days. March better be the best fucking month ever.

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