Feb 25, 2010

Anniversary weekend!

Like I said in a previous post, last weekend was our anniversary!  12 years!  I can't say all of it's been a picnic, but it hasn't all been horrid, either.  :)

We had a really relaxed day.  The girls let us sleep in till about 9:30.  We got up, Justin made some pancakes and I gathered up everything we'd need for the day.  We headed out to the North Shore after lunch.  First stop was Matsumoto's for some shave ice.  I had the gloriousness of getting condensed milk on top of mine, with ice cream underneath.  It was awesome.  Then we drove over to Kawela Bay for some swimming..... well, the girls swam.  Justin and I, not so much.  The water was really fucking cold!

Kawela Bay

The girls....

This guy and his brood decided to join us..... the girls are of course making comments on our choice of beach accoutrements.  

We headed home around 3ish....  with a requisite stop at Ted's for some pie.  I wanted to stop and look at the LOST set, which I FINALLY did!!  It's a good thing we stopped, too- traffic on Kam Highway was awful.  

Sawyer's chair!!  The very nice security guard wouldn't let me sit in it.  :(

Eko's church!

The graves.

And a super geeky fan-girl.  :D

You can see more on my Flickr, which is conveniently linked on the right.  :)

After the miles long hike (seriously- it was fucking LONG.  Over sand.), we headed home.  All the traffic was gone.  We stopped off at the commissary, grabbed dinner for the girls and a few other things. When we got home, we grilled some filets we had stuffed with feta cheese and wrapped in bacon and made some cheesy potatoes.  It was YUM.  We ordered Inglorious Basterds on PPV.  Then to bed.  And I'm not telling what happened there.  You can likely figure that out.  ;)

All in all, it was an awesome day.  I got to spend it with my favorite people doing things we all like to do.  Best anniversary ever.  :D

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