Feb 26, 2010

February can DIAMFF

I am done with February. DONE. This has been one of the worst months I’ve had in a long time. So far February has:
  • Had the return of the Whore (otherwise known as Jenn Green), and all accompanying drama
  • Job wank to the point where I quit my fucking job
  • My grandmother refusing further treatment for her cancer and Parkinson’s and moving to a residential hospice
  • Bridal shower wank from the MOH who is bitching we “didn’t include her enough”. Apparently those FB emails she never bothered to respond to weren’t good enough.
And now my friend’s baby almost died today. The same baby born last month who almost died during birth and needed an emergency c-section to not die. He stopped breathing this morning and had a small seizure. At the ER he crashed twice. Thankfully it was “just” a respiratory crash- his heart continued to beat. He’s got RSV really bad, and is full of tubes and wires in the PICU right now. Any more and I would think he was in the motherfucking Matrix.
Thank Bob February only has 2 more days. March better be the best fucking month ever.

Feb 25, 2010

Anniversary weekend!

Like I said in a previous post, last weekend was our anniversary!  12 years!  I can't say all of it's been a picnic, but it hasn't all been horrid, either.  :)

We had a really relaxed day.  The girls let us sleep in till about 9:30.  We got up, Justin made some pancakes and I gathered up everything we'd need for the day.  We headed out to the North Shore after lunch.  First stop was Matsumoto's for some shave ice.  I had the gloriousness of getting condensed milk on top of mine, with ice cream underneath.  It was awesome.  Then we drove over to Kawela Bay for some swimming..... well, the girls swam.  Justin and I, not so much.  The water was really fucking cold!

Kawela Bay

The girls....

This guy and his brood decided to join us..... the girls are of course making comments on our choice of beach accoutrements.  

We headed home around 3ish....  with a requisite stop at Ted's for some pie.  I wanted to stop and look at the LOST set, which I FINALLY did!!  It's a good thing we stopped, too- traffic on Kam Highway was awful.  

Sawyer's chair!!  The very nice security guard wouldn't let me sit in it.  :(

Eko's church!

The graves.

And a super geeky fan-girl.  :D

You can see more on my Flickr, which is conveniently linked on the right.  :)

After the miles long hike (seriously- it was fucking LONG.  Over sand.), we headed home.  All the traffic was gone.  We stopped off at the commissary, grabbed dinner for the girls and a few other things. When we got home, we grilled some filets we had stuffed with feta cheese and wrapped in bacon and made some cheesy potatoes.  It was YUM.  We ordered Inglorious Basterds on PPV.  Then to bed.  And I'm not telling what happened there.  You can likely figure that out.  ;)

All in all, it was an awesome day.  I got to spend it with my favorite people doing things we all like to do.  Best anniversary ever.  :D

Feb 19, 2010

Completely random thoughts

Completely random thoughts I feel like sharing:

I really miss the east coast tonight.  It's cooled down here, and feels like early fall/mid spring in places that have four seasons.  Definitely jeans weather, and can be hoodie weather depending on the time of day.

I'd really like to go back to Sturbridge Village with the girls.  The day we spent there in October was honestly one of the best days I've ever had.  It was cold, but not too cold.  The leaves had changed, and it even snowed a little in the afternoon.  Every time I think of it, I miss home.  And I get a big smile on my face remembering how much fun we had there.

I totally <3 Nathan Fillion.  I follow his tweets and he's fucking hilarious.  And hot.  And smart.  The trifecta.  He seems like someone I would love being friends with.  If only.....

I haven't gotten any in a couple weeks.  Thanks bronchitis, work drama, life drama, Ambien, coming off Ambien, migraines and any number of other things that have prevented it.  You can go DIAMFF now.

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with the awesome friends I have.  They're really fucking cool.  You know who you are.

If I can scrape together the money, and Justin's hetero-geek-mate can go, I may just send him to the Star Trek convention in Vegas in August.  But only if Hetero-geek-mate can go.

My mouth tastes like I've been licking the cat's ass.  I'm going to go brush my teeth and go to bed.  Nite, all.

Feb 18, 2010

No clever title today

The past few weeks have been.... exciting?  I guess?  I'll go over a few things about February in another post, since this weekend I want to focus on happy things.

This weekend is my 12th anniversary!  Justin and I don't have any big plans.  We're planning on going up to the North Shore with the girls and swimming in Kawela Bay (my favorite beach).  Then later on in the evening we'll grill some fancy steaks, make some cheesy potatoes and watch a movie.  We'll probably eat some Ben and Jerry's.  Very low-key, but perfect.  Dinner out is nice, but we're not fancy people.  I really just want to celebrate us by doing things we like.  And since it has been such a crazy few weeks, the non-activity will be nice.  

The only other thing we might do is go see The Black Pearl.  What, you say?  The Black Pearl?  Like from Pirates of the Caribbean?  Why, yes, that's exactly what I mean!  They're filming the new movie here this spring/summer and the ship came over early for an overhaul.  It's docked out at Barber's Point, less than 30 min from my house.  I bet if I went out to the base beach and looked across the harbor, I could see it.  I want to see it up close, so we're driving our happy asses over there.  And I WILL be auditioning to get a part as an extra.  :)  My friend Doug is going to try out, too, and I bet he'll get in.  He looks like a pirate.  Ho fucking cool would that be.  I've never really cared about being an extra in anything (I still haven't sent my stuff in for LOST), but this- this is the motherfucking Pirates of the motherfucking Caribbean!!  Only one of my favorite rides ever at Disneyland.  And I'd be in a Disney movie!  Me, working for The Mouse!  :D

In other news, I quit my job.  Well, sort of.  I won't be a regular employee over at the ACC anymore.  I'll still be teaching as a contractor.  I really enjoy teaching, and I'd hate to give it up.  I've been getting calls to shoot weddings, so I decided to go into that for a while.  It's fun, pays well, and I'm good at it.  People seem to want to pay me for it, so what the hell?

So that's it for now..... I'll post some pictures of the pirate ship.  And maybe the LOST graves- we may stop and see them on the way up to Kawela.  They're on the way up to the beach.

Feb 9, 2010

Too many!

So here's what I've got on the needles...

Cat Barf Sweater
Traveling Woman #2 (shawl)
Kaleidoscope (sock yarn cardigan)
Easy Raglan V-neck (sweater)
French Press Slippers
Topsecret (Lancia's sweater)

Six fucking projects.  SIX.  And I'm due to start the Ravelympics on Friday, where I decided it was a good idea to do the Geodesic Cardigan in laceweight in three weeks.  Why do I do this to myself?  Why?

Feb 7, 2010

I's funnie

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Feb 5, 2010

Moooooovin' on up!

We got our 120 day move notice!!!

Before anyone freaks out, we're not moving from Hawaii.  Our house is being torn down so new officer housing can be built.  We're moving to the other side of base to a BRAND NEW HOUSE.  We'll finally have storage and a garage!  The place is bigger than what we're in now, too, but about 500 sq ft.

I have a ton of stuff to do in the meantime.  We could be out of here as early as March or as late as May/June.  It all depends on when housing decides to give us a place.  But if I plan for March, and have 90% of the place packed, we can move all the boxes and other stuff pretty quickly and let the gov't do all the big stuff.  I have many lists to make.

Feb 3, 2010

Pic spam!

Some photos from the most recent wedding I shot.  I finally did the hardcore editing and they turned out to be gorgeous.  The bride's going to fucking flip when she sees them.  I think they were definitely worth waiting for.

Feb 2, 2010

Holy Batshit Crazy, Batman!

Holy fuck. The shit hit the fan this weekend. I can finally tell you guys what happened and not make any cryptic posts about it…. I apologize to those of you who read it on FB. I did edit a bit….
Here’s the tl;dr verson- Big Red (otherwise known as Jenn Green) emailed J again through MySpace. Twice. Once on Jan 18th and again on Jan 20. 2010. First sgt handled it, and hooooo boy- she is PISSED. Pissed to the point where she’s threatening us (read the long version for details).
Now the long version…..
A lot of you know J had another manic episode back at the end of Dec. It was a lot of factors, but that’s taken care of now. As part of taking care of things he decided to delete his MySpace account. He never uses it anymore, and was concerned about it being the only way for Big Red to contact him. He didn’t want any part of that. I was sitting next to him and watched him do it. He hit the button, and account was supposed to go away. Except it didn’t.
Fast forward to the past Sunday, Jan 31. I went to check mine, since I wanted to see if anyone had messaged me. I’m not really on there anymore, but I do check every couple weeks, just for general housekeeping. I noticed his icon was still there. I asked him what was up and he had no idea. We figured it was a glitch (which we all know MySpace is famous for). He told me to log in and delete the account again.
When I did I noticed he had new messages. I asked him if he wanted to me to take a look and see if it was from anyone he wanted to respond to. He said yes. I clicked on the inbox and whose ugly ass face is staring at me?
Yep- Big Fucking Red. Twice.
We looked to see what the fuck was up. She had responded to a message sent from his account, which had me almost ballistic. Him, too. We calmed down and looked at the evidence, and her stupid emails. Apparently Disney is looking for a place to use her voice and she “thought he might want to know”, but she "didn't expect a response". Murderous rage doesn’t even begin to describe how he felt when he saw those messages. So no- he doesn’t want to know how her career is going. I don’t know why she would even think that.
The message from him was sent at 5:28 am on Jan 7. Which couldn’t have happened, because he was in bed with me. That was the week he was home, and he slept more that week than he had in a long time. Our current theory is that his account got hacked, and an email sent. We have a second theory that just occurred to me today- Ambien. He’s been on it for a while, and I’ve read some anecdotes of people doing crazy ass stuff after taking it and not remembering a damn thing about what they did. It could have been an Ambien haze. But I would have noticed him getting out of bed. Whatever it was, he doesn’t remember sending it, and there was no conscious intent behind it.
Two weeks later, the stupid bitch responded. Twice, on separate days.  THAT, my friends, is intent.  And why the fuck do you send an email like that if you don't expect a response?  A forward, sure.  But a personal message?  The very nature of it implies a response of some sort is welcomed.  
We went to talk to the shirt yesterday. He handled it for us. We were in there with the asst shirt, and Justin’s boss, too, for over an hour. We FINALLY got someone with authority who was sympathetic to our case. It’s seriously been going on for way too long.
The shirt called Mr Big Red and Mr. BR was understandably upset. He wanted to know what the email said, so J told the shirt and the shirt passed it on. When J came home, he said the shirt told him Mr. BR was pretty pissed. Can you blame him?  The shirt also let him know in no uncertain terms that if anything- ANYTHING- happened with Big Red contacting J again, he would take steps to bar her from base. Any base. And he can do that, and more, depending on how far she decides to push it.  I don't know that Disney would sign a criminal, not with all the people they have both in house and who send CD's in. So now it’s in Mr. Big Red’s hands.
I’m wondering if he’ll actually believe us this time. So many times we’ve done this and she’s managed to worm her way out of it. I don’t know if she will, but it’ll be interesting to see her try.