Jan 30, 2010


For some reason I feel like I should apologize for being MIA for a while.  But then I thought about it and remembered this blog is for me.  I love that I have readers/followers/stalkers, but in the end, it's my spot.  Those of you who care have seen me on FB and other spots around the web, anyway.  You already ave an idea of what's been happening.  

January has been a pretty busy month.  It started off with Justin's bipolar disorder rearing its ugly head again.  He did an experiment in the fall and went off his meds for a little while.  When he realized what a bad idea that was, he went back on- sort of.  He was taking just enough to make me think he back on.  That triggered a manic episode, followed by a depressive one and there you go.  What fun!  Luckily this time it didn't escalate the way it did during his last big manic phase.  And we didn't have a psycho-stalking whore (Yes, I'm looking at you, Jenn Green, wannbe Christian Jazz singer!).  That made this one MUCH easier to get through.  It's always easier when you don't have an adulterous, lying whore following your every move, sending your husband unwanted emails, calling and looking for him at his second job.  And there will be another post on that later.....  that's the reason January has been rough for me the last few years.  And yes- I am still angry.  I don't know that it will ever go away.  

On top of that I've had some shoots, and have been working on a lot of classes at work.  I'm working with Gecko, of Gecko'z South Sea Arts on shooting his portfolio and doing promotional pieces for him.  I've also been asked by the owner of Amethyst Cottage to be one of the first artists represented by the site.  I need to figure out what I'm sending her as my first round of prints/cards.  She's moving from mechandise to more of an artist's co-op.  I'll be sending some of my Hawaiiana, for sure, and she wants me to send some of the knit-erotica I've been working on.  We figure it'll be great to advertise on Ravelry.  I also shot this year's Planned Parenthood of Hawaii awards dinner again.  I love PPH and all they do.  It was fittngly on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  

I'm also tossing around the idea of working on some sewing stuff.  I wrote up a few patterns last week.  I can't decide if I want to sell the patterns or make the items and sell them.  It might be a combo of both.  I'm a terrible business person.  I'd much rather teach a person how to do something than do it for them.  Giving them a skill is more important to me than being famous or making tons of money.  Fame only lasts so long, and money doesn't really exist, but what you can do with your hands and your brain last forever.  Plus we have all we need and then some- why wouldn't I want to help others?  I'm considering an Etsy or Artfire shop, or even my own website.  My friend over Eleni Creative has inspired me.  My stuff is nothing like hers.... it would be more appropriate on the Anti-craft.  No worries, Helen!

So that's about it.  Tonight I'm off to the last tiki bar on the island.  Friends are taking the girls to see the Lt. Dan Band.  I have more to talk about, but thoughts are kind of scattered, and I'm really not in the mood.  Check back later this week.  Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say.  

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