Dec 30, 2009

Resolution time!

Or something.  I normally don't make resolutions.  I think they're kind of dumb.  Life can change in a year, and the things you thought you wanted when the year started may be wildly different than what you want at the end.  Or you may get so focused on meeting a particular goal that you ignore what's happening around you.  It's ridiculous really.

So here are my not- resolutions.

1-  Work on the felted vessel/cyanotypes and cyanotype prints on yarn instead of thinking about it.  I've been mulling it for a while, and think I have a concept down.  I just need to actually make something.

2-  Knit 5 sweaters and a couple shawls. The sweaters I have planned are Lancia's (to be finished first), Cat Barf, another Featherweight, Tempest and maybe Central Park Hoodie.  I need one to use up the school bus yellow yarn.  For the shawls it's Traveling Woman and Bitterroot.  And finishing Tuscany.  I have, or have coming, the yarn for everything.  So I guess a sub-not-resolution is to cut down the yarn buying.  I spent a bunch this year and don't really need more.

3-  Spin more.  I want to get through at least the stuff I got at Rhinebeck.  I should pull out the wheel and use that, but I really love the way a spindle feels.

4-  Actually exercise.  This will likely be the hardest, as the above three are way more fun.  :p  I need to drop some weight and get back in shape.

And that's about it.  I'll give you an update in a few months so we can see how it's all going.  I'm sure the knitting will be coming along splendidly.  The rest?  Eh- maybe not so much.

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Jen said...

Good luck, tweasel. The exercise one is one of mine. I'd love to actually lose some weight, but I think I'm more motivated by a desire to feel healthier. Too bad I've got this sweet tooth!

I must look up this Cat Barf sweater. Any sweater named Cat Barf needs to be checked out.