Dec 27, 2009

Feats of strength and the airing of grievances!

Fixed the last post.  Sorry if you couldn't read it.  I have no idea why it disappeared (I tried to embed a video- maybe that was it?), since the text was there, or why it's green now.  I'm not gonna complain, though.  It's there and readable.

So, Festivus!

Giftmess was pretty good around here.  I got some great presents and some odd ones.  Justin got me a new spindle- a Golding .54 oz in ebony- and a pretty, pretty ring.  He also got me a mess of shirts, some of which need to go back for various reasons. My MIL sent a check, $100 of which is mine, so I think I may splurge and finally buy some yarn from The Sanguine Gryphon.  Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous, and named after literary and cerebral things.  Super cool on all accounts.  You've already gotten the run down on what the girls and Justin got.  I added a Playboy subscription and Jameson's gift set to Justin's presents.  He was completely surprised with the Playboy.  He had asked about getting a new subscription a few days before Giftmess and I just told him I'd see if Amazon was still running the deal they did last year.  Never mind I'd already ordered it from the PB website so he could get the DVD.  Free p0rn, yay!  The girls got a last minute addition of Ravin' Rabbids TV Party and new controller/nunchuck.

We had most of our friends over for dinner.  I finally got my goddamn leftovers.  :D  One of Justin's airmen came over and was an ungrateful little snot.  I was ready to take back the Gamestop gift card we'd gotten him.  Then we had a new neighbor and her son came over for dessert and I was less than impressed.  It took for-fucking-ever for her to go home.  It was almost 9pm when she left, my kids had gone to bed long before and her 4yo kept trying to go wake them up.  WTF??  WHen she finally left, Dave and I drank the homemade Irish cream my friend Mandy made and the boys (Travis, Dave and Justin) played CoD:MW2 and Borderlands while I worked on getting my silk cap ready to spin.  Amber even came back over for a little while .  All in all, a good Giftmess.  :D

Yesterday was the wedding.  It was good.  Super relaxed.  I got there around 11, shot about 3 cards of photos, ate some damn fine kalua pig and cake and was home by 5.  I have to upload everything this week and cull and edit, but I think it was a really nice shoot.  I'll likely be doing their album as well, so I need to come up with a price list.

New Year's this week, and I don't think we're doing a damn thing.  Maybe going to one of Justin's co-worker's, so we can take the girls.  Or maybe staying home.  Dunno.  I do know I'm planning on gorging this week, since I seriously need to drop some weight.  I'll be one of those suckers heading to the gym after New Year's.......

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