Dec 1, 2009

Christmas shopping is almost done....

And I just started today.  :)

Justin had today off, so we took the day to get some of the girls' presents.  Both girls got new bikes.  They have been asking for them and we hit a good deal at the BX.  Maddie is also getting a real digital camera.  We were in the NEX looking at video games and stuff and came across a Fuji package deal with the camera, a case and the memory card for only $80.  And it's a nice camera!  We picked up a puzzle and a game as a joint gift (they like things they can do together), and a couple books for Maddie.  She's been into the Fablehaven series, so we got her the next two.  Plus they're 25% at the NEX.  Nice.

Em says she wants the Glow Station.  It's a glow in the dark coloring board.  It looks pretty neat.  I'm also thinking about getting her a box of paper and more markers and stuff.  She's always asking for printer paper and drawing pictures.  She carries her Magna Doodle everywhere.  She would love having a box of paper she didn't have to ask if she could use.

As for Justin, I think he's getting the new Barnes and Noble Nook.  He wanted a Kindle, but we looked at both of them and I think the Nook is the way to go.  It's got a color screen, memory expansion with a MicroSD, and more books available.  It's the same price as the Kindle, too.  Only problem is, it doesn't come out till Jan 11.  :(  So he'll get a couple other things so he's not all mopey on Christmas morning.

I have no idea what he's getting me.  I've put a bunch of stuff on my wishlist.  I've got money from his mom, so I may buy myself another spindle.  I haven't decided yet.

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Missy said...

that glow station looks so awesome! if i were a kid i'd want one lol. i have a portable aquadoodle after we saw you in albany haha that i dont really use anymore of course... but it was fun!

cool about the kindle. i tried looking up on consumer reports but they dont have a real chart yet of whats better than the others. they do have some blogs up on each ereader but theres no real conclusive evidence of which one is better than the other... sigh. so i'm not rushing into it, but we want one also but i just cant figure out which is better. each one seems to have maybe one function that might be better than another ereader but none seem to be a front runner. sigh. and of course the main problem being no color ones yet. color isnt coming til 2011... i'll email you the main article on consumer reports... my cousin had the kindle so we played with it on turkey day... wasnt totally convinced if only because i havent had a chance to really play with the other ereaders yet... sigh... the nook and one other (alex or irex) only have one portion thats color. the bottom where you can scroll thru the books. not the main reader portion. none of them have color reading areas yet - not til 2011...