Dec 30, 2009

Resolution time!

Or something.  I normally don't make resolutions.  I think they're kind of dumb.  Life can change in a year, and the things you thought you wanted when the year started may be wildly different than what you want at the end.  Or you may get so focused on meeting a particular goal that you ignore what's happening around you.  It's ridiculous really.

So here are my not- resolutions.

1-  Work on the felted vessel/cyanotypes and cyanotype prints on yarn instead of thinking about it.  I've been mulling it for a while, and think I have a concept down.  I just need to actually make something.

2-  Knit 5 sweaters and a couple shawls. The sweaters I have planned are Lancia's (to be finished first), Cat Barf, another Featherweight, Tempest and maybe Central Park Hoodie.  I need one to use up the school bus yellow yarn.  For the shawls it's Traveling Woman and Bitterroot.  And finishing Tuscany.  I have, or have coming, the yarn for everything.  So I guess a sub-not-resolution is to cut down the yarn buying.  I spent a bunch this year and don't really need more.

3-  Spin more.  I want to get through at least the stuff I got at Rhinebeck.  I should pull out the wheel and use that, but I really love the way a spindle feels.

4-  Actually exercise.  This will likely be the hardest, as the above three are way more fun.  :p  I need to drop some weight and get back in shape.

And that's about it.  I'll give you an update in a few months so we can see how it's all going.  I'm sure the knitting will be coming along splendidly.  The rest?  Eh- maybe not so much.

Dec 28, 2009

Holy shit.

I just paid off my Discover card.  Completely.  And I plan on keeping it that way for a very long ass time.  The only reason I'd use it is if I had the money to pay it off again right away or we had an emergency that we couldn't use the savings account for.

It's a damn fine feeling.  I realized that we were finally able to do it when it occurred to me that we hadn't had to dip into the savings for anything over the last 6 months or so.  We have more than enough money every month to buy everything we need and a lot of what we want.  There was plenty in the account to pay off the credit card and still have a decent cushion.  Plus, with tax time coming up, we can put that money right back where it belongs when we get our refund.  In a couple months it'll be like I never took that money out at all.  And I just couldn't stomach paying as much as we were in finance charges when we had the funds available to NOT have to pay them.  The interest difference between what we earn with the money in savings and what we'll save from paying those soul sucking finance charges.

Of course, we won't see the money for a while.  I immediately took what we were paying and re-routed it to the Star card, which has less than half the interest rate, and a low balance.  Hell, maybe I'll just pay off the Star card with the tax return and put ALL the money towards the small loan we've got (or split it between savings and the loan).  I'd love to be almost debt free (with just the car payment) by the time we leave here.

Dec 27, 2009

Feats of strength and the airing of grievances!

Fixed the last post.  Sorry if you couldn't read it.  I have no idea why it disappeared (I tried to embed a video- maybe that was it?), since the text was there, or why it's green now.  I'm not gonna complain, though.  It's there and readable.

So, Festivus!

Giftmess was pretty good around here.  I got some great presents and some odd ones.  Justin got me a new spindle- a Golding .54 oz in ebony- and a pretty, pretty ring.  He also got me a mess of shirts, some of which need to go back for various reasons. My MIL sent a check, $100 of which is mine, so I think I may splurge and finally buy some yarn from The Sanguine Gryphon.  Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous, and named after literary and cerebral things.  Super cool on all accounts.  You've already gotten the run down on what the girls and Justin got.  I added a Playboy subscription and Jameson's gift set to Justin's presents.  He was completely surprised with the Playboy.  He had asked about getting a new subscription a few days before Giftmess and I just told him I'd see if Amazon was still running the deal they did last year.  Never mind I'd already ordered it from the PB website so he could get the DVD.  Free p0rn, yay!  The girls got a last minute addition of Ravin' Rabbids TV Party and new controller/nunchuck.

We had most of our friends over for dinner.  I finally got my goddamn leftovers.  :D  One of Justin's airmen came over and was an ungrateful little snot.  I was ready to take back the Gamestop gift card we'd gotten him.  Then we had a new neighbor and her son came over for dessert and I was less than impressed.  It took for-fucking-ever for her to go home.  It was almost 9pm when she left, my kids had gone to bed long before and her 4yo kept trying to go wake them up.  WTF??  WHen she finally left, Dave and I drank the homemade Irish cream my friend Mandy made and the boys (Travis, Dave and Justin) played CoD:MW2 and Borderlands while I worked on getting my silk cap ready to spin.  Amber even came back over for a little while .  All in all, a good Giftmess.  :D

Yesterday was the wedding.  It was good.  Super relaxed.  I got there around 11, shot about 3 cards of photos, ate some damn fine kalua pig and cake and was home by 5.  I have to upload everything this week and cull and edit, but I think it was a really nice shoot.  I'll likely be doing their album as well, so I need to come up with a price list.

New Year's this week, and I don't think we're doing a damn thing.  Maybe going to one of Justin's co-worker's, so we can take the girls.  Or maybe staying home.  Dunno.  I do know I'm planning on gorging this week, since I seriously need to drop some weight.  I'll be one of those suckers heading to the gym after New Year's.......

Dec 24, 2009


"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." - Susan B. Anthony

I saw this quote on a friend's FB status today and thought about how oddly appropriate it is.  I've known WAY too many people who claim to know what God wants them to do, and yet, it's not even close to what the Bible, the book they supposedly follow, tells them to do.  

It's kind of odd this quote comes up now, too.  Justin and I have been looking at the Quakers a lot recently, even to the point where we may go to a Meeting.  Now before you freak out and wonder what the hell has happened to me, let me explain.  I'm not becoming a Christian all of a sudden.  You don't have to be a Christian to be a Quaker.  Any Meeting we went to would have to be a (very) liberal Meeting.  As far as I've read, you don't have to accept Jesus as the son of God, The Spirit On Earth, and your Lord and Savior.  You simply need to believe he existed in a historic context.  I think I can do that, and honestly, that's as far as I think I can go.  I'm sure there was a guy (or guys, or guys and gals) who did a lot of the stuff the Bible claims Jesus did and said at some point in the distant past.  Beyond that, there's just not enough evidence.  One book that has been translated and retranslated over the past almost 2000 years and most of which wasn't written till at best 100 years after Jesus died is not a credible source.  Single source analysis is faulty and wrong.  There's no record of him outside the Bible.  (Accept it, people.)  

So why the Quakers?  I'm not sure.  Maybe because I see them as the Western form of Buddhism?  They're a very thinking sort of group.  I've also found that most of the people I really admire from history are Quakers.  They value personhood, and finding your own path over what other people tell you to be.....  and for those of you who know me well, you know I do what I want when I want and if I'm hell bent, there's not much chance of stopping me- only delaying while I find a way around you.  They value personal reflection and silence in worship (gah, that word gives me the willies- fucking fundies and their horrid use of it.  They've tainted that word forever).  I absolutely despise big, loud organized church sermons.  Hate them.  I've always felt that God knows what's in your heart.  You don't need an intermediary, or someone to tell you what he thinks today.  I'm perfectly capable of reading, thanks, and if I want to look something up in the Bible (no it really doesn't happen- I generally ask Justin.  He's a font of knowledge- I'm also lazy.  You all know that.  Plus he has the Bible practically memorized.), I can do it on my own.  I don't need someone else's interpretation coloring mine till I'm ready to ask an opinion. 

Then there's the social justice and pacifism aspect.  Quakers fight for equality.  Period.  It goes with the concept of personhood.  Since I'm a little commie at heart (seriously), it appeals to me.  I also don't care for unnecessary violence.  I know that sounds weird, since I have, in fact, threatened to rip people's heads off.  But if you think about it, it's always someone who's harmed me first, and it's always equitable.  I don't take it to scorched earth unless the situation warrants.  That may be outside the Quaker philosophy, but hey....  we all have our crosses, right?  

So there you go.  I'm not quite as ready as Justin to go to Meeting, but I think I want to read more about it and see what it's all about.  It's as worthy as any other religion, and much more worthy than many others I can think of *cough*fundies*cough*eveangelicals*cough*.  

Dec 16, 2009


Sometimes I amaze myself with my photo prowess.

This is just one of many of my friends Doug and Angela.  I did their engagement photos up in Haleiwa this past weekend.  It was a weird cloudy/sunny day, so getting the right exposure was a bitch, which made me nervous.....  there are a few I'll need to do some creative editing with, but mostly they were awesome.  More culling and editing over the next few days......  then you get to see them all.  ;)

Dec 1, 2009

Christmas shopping is almost done....

And I just started today.  :)

Justin had today off, so we took the day to get some of the girls' presents.  Both girls got new bikes.  They have been asking for them and we hit a good deal at the BX.  Maddie is also getting a real digital camera.  We were in the NEX looking at video games and stuff and came across a Fuji package deal with the camera, a case and the memory card for only $80.  And it's a nice camera!  We picked up a puzzle and a game as a joint gift (they like things they can do together), and a couple books for Maddie.  She's been into the Fablehaven series, so we got her the next two.  Plus they're 25% at the NEX.  Nice.

Em says she wants the Glow Station.  It's a glow in the dark coloring board.  It looks pretty neat.  I'm also thinking about getting her a box of paper and more markers and stuff.  She's always asking for printer paper and drawing pictures.  She carries her Magna Doodle everywhere.  She would love having a box of paper she didn't have to ask if she could use.

As for Justin, I think he's getting the new Barnes and Noble Nook.  He wanted a Kindle, but we looked at both of them and I think the Nook is the way to go.  It's got a color screen, memory expansion with a MicroSD, and more books available.  It's the same price as the Kindle, too.  Only problem is, it doesn't come out till Jan 11.  :(  So he'll get a couple other things so he's not all mopey on Christmas morning.

I have no idea what he's getting me.  I've put a bunch of stuff on my wishlist.  I've got money from his mom, so I may buy myself another spindle.  I haven't decided yet.