Nov 11, 2009

Yay, shave ice!

Yup, that's me. And a remarkably good picture, too. I was tongueing the shave ice, but throttled back when I realized I wasn't with an LSGer, even though she may as well be one.

We're on day 2 of Amy's visit, and so far I'm having a blast. Yesterday was the North Shore trip, where we walked through Haleiwa, looked at ukeleles, ate shave ice at Matsumoto's, looked at turtles, found some LOST locations, and then she had a uke lesson with my friend Michelle. We did a whole lot of talking yesterday and discovered we have a great many things in common. It's almost scary. But good scary.

Today we went to the flea market with Anne. We found some pretty awesome stuff. She got an adorable skirt, had a coconut (and raw coconut meat? NASTY), and found a shirt declaring her haole status. The girls came along with and Em whined her way through. Maddie found a pair of quite blibgy bronze pearl earrings and bought them behind my back (but it was her money, so whatever- I'll try to get a pic of them. Your eyes may bleed). Em got a new sun hat and some rings. Anne and I came up with a plan to make dirt dyed yarn. We headed to Zippy's for lunch, and then over to the Hale Koa to swim, because Amy decided she needed more shave ice. The best place I could think of that sold reasonably priced shave ice down here AND had a beach was the HK. We swam, the girls glommed onto her, and we got a great pic of her in the water. I hope she puts it up soon.

Would you believe I'm not taking pics? She's getting a ton, and I can't find my point and shoot. I love my DSLR, but damn... it's heavy. I'll try to get some tomorrow at knit night.

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k-brow said...

Ooooh, Hale Koa. My "everyday" beach, for some odd reason, was Waikiki. There are better, but it has its quirky charms. But you, being military, probably got free or super reduced parking there.

Sorry to miss the Amy fun. Do keep posting about the dirt dyed yarn!