Nov 29, 2009

Octopuses usually don't wear socks

I have finished Socktopus.  I was up till about 12:30 getting the last leg and his body done.  I tried to embroider his face, but that was a bit of a disaster.  So it got done right before I left for Amber's shower, making us a little late, but that was ok.  Here he is, with the mom-to-be (is?  she has two kids already!):


The shower was pretty fun.  Amber had picked a nice restaurant on the water, Schooner's.  The weather turned out to be beautiful, despite some really heavy rain this morning.  I went to go get the cake at Costco this morning and thought 'd get poured on, but luckily I didn't.  I did get yelled in some Asian language, though.  Seriously, don't go to the Costco off the Nimitz on a Sunday morning.  It's fucking crazy.  I was in line to get the cake and some pizzas for the husbands and kids (who were not at the shower!), and some Asian lady wandered over with her husband and some other family member and almost ran me over.  Then she started talking really loudly in whatever Asian language she spoke and gestured wildly.  Then she looked at me, like I was supposed to get out of line and let her go.  Uh, no lady, your friend there almost hit me with her cart three times.  I'm not moving.  Then they yelled at each other some more, and then they did hit me.  They looked very offended when I said "Excuse me!" and gave them a dirty look.  Then they yelled at each other some more.  What the fuck ever.  I'm not moving for anyone, especially when they're rude like that.

I have no idea what tonight's plan is.  With no deadline hanging over my head (well, except for Giftmas stuff), I may work on Whisper.  I really should just pick up those damn stitches and get it done.  I need to figure out how to undo a cast on edge at some point so I can make the sleeves longer.  But I'm not going to worry about that till the rest of the thing is done.  Tonight is the collar.  That's all.

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