Nov 20, 2009

In which I don't say much

Amy, I finally got those pics uploaded.  Here they are...

Kay and Em trying on hats in Hilo Hattie's

Scattering the lei into the ocean.  Tradition says you let your lei dry out and either mulch it into your garden or scatter it on the ocean to ensure you'll return to Hawaii.  You never, ever throw it out.

Goodbye flowers....

And another adorable one of Kay.  She's too fucking cute. 

In other news, I got my swap package!  I joined a swap based on Diana Gabaldon's books on Rav, with Voyager as the book chosen for this swap.  It has pirates and skulls and all sorts of fun things.  I got such a great spoiler for this one.  LCBraun did a fantastic job!

In that photo is Chinese looseleaf tea, a small satin jewelry box, purple Knitpicks yarn, some chocolate coins, a litte drawstring bag that has the two skull magnets, a REAL candy skull from El Dia de Los Muertos, made by one of her friends (OMG!!), and the gorgeousness it's all laying on is a Seascape Stole she knitted for me!  She made it scarf length, knowing the weather here isn't really for heavy things.  It's beautiful!  I really need to take better pictures of the scarf, since it was nighttime when I was finally able to open the package ad my dining room isn't the best lighting.

My swap package goes out today, and I can only hope my spoilee likes what I got her as much as I like what Linda did for me.  :D

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