Nov 2, 2009


Halloween was a hit here in Dirty P's household. We had a minor costume snafu, but that got sorted out with a trip to Walmart. We went out with our friends Travis and Darcee and their daughter Annika (this was her very first time trick or treating!), Lancia and Elena, and Amy, Cadie and Adam (for a little while- Cadie pooped out quickly). Much candy was collected and a good time was had by all. Best of all were the Bible verses attached to some of the candy. Once I found the first one, the hunt was on. When we found one we read them out like fortune cookies and laughed like loons. Seriously, if people have an issue with Halloween, don't hand out candy. I'm tempted to print out pieces of philosophy and bits from the holy books of the Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and other religions and see what happens.  :D

Halloween wouldn't be complete without pictures so here you go....

The group before we started...

Maddie and Em

Lancia and Elaine

Travis, Darcee and Annika

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