Oct 31, 2009

I surfed!

I surfed.

More or less.  I fail at paddling.

Justin's friend Sal loves to surf, so he and a few other guys go out pretty often to White Plains.  It's  nice beach- the water's warm and the waves aren't big at all.  He asked if we wanted to go, knowing Justin would never hear the end of it if he got to go surfing before I did.  I've wanted to learn to surf as long as I can remember.

We rented boards from Outdoor Rec yesterday, which was an adventure....  one of them was the longest fucking board I've ever seen.  Seriously, Duke could have surfed this thing.  The other was smaller.  They almost fit in the Forester.  Almost.  We had to bungee the back down.  And we still ended up with a pressure crack in the windshield when we hit a bump too hard. :p  Luckily Sal took the boards in his van this morning.  Hopefully the crack can just be sealed up and we won't have to replace it.

I had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn so we could get out there.  I can see why- the surf was better and there weren't so many people (it got crowded later on).  We got out there just as the sun came up, which was worth it in and of itself.  All the guys started paddling out and I....  well, let's just say I tried.  OMG, paddling is fucking hard!  The guys were doing just fine and seriously outstripped me.  They looked back and waited, I cought up (sort of) then they waited again....  I finally just told them not to wait for me.  There was no way I was making out as far as them.  I eventually made it out about 100-150yds and sat there.  Sal had given us some very brief instructions before we paddled out.  Justin hung out with me for a bit, and I just tried to catch the waves.  I made it up on my knees once or twice, but promptly fell off.  I got smacked in the face with water, rolled over, got water up my nose and feel like I must have swallowed half the damn Pacific.  I have board rash on my knees, inner thighs and the inside of my upper arm (note to self- no more Softop boards!).  I don't know the last time I had so much fun.

Eventually I just plain wore out.  I paddled back to the beach and hung out with Tracy for a while.  Then Justin and the other guys came up and rested.  We switched boards and headed back out.  They all went ahead of me again, so I was on my own trying to figure shit out.  This old Hawaiian dude named Molokai who looked like he's been surfing for like 900 years saw me and paddled over.  He asked my name then told me he'd help me out, since he was teaching his friend.  He held my board and gave me a push and I shot right off the end....  turns out not enough wax on the board.  :p  He handed me a chink, showed me how to wax it and paddled off.  Weird. I almost made it that next time, but my shoulders finally just said, "NO".  So I headed back to shore and rinsed off, watched the guys and and sunbathed.  It was one of the best mornings I've ever had.

Justin had a blast.  He wants to get boards.  I do too.  I can definitely do this pretty regularly.  I just need to work of the paddling part......

Oct 27, 2009

My vacation, told in photos

I am back from vacation. I had a fantastic time, and a longer rundown will be up later this week. For right now, I'll tell it in pictures, and edit to actually say something when I don't have 2 costumes to sew.

Oct 7, 2009

Apparently Twitter is too big a temptation, too. Damn. I like Twitter.

So another crazy dream last night. This time I was back in HS and we were paying homage to one of my music teachers. Interesting, because he died a few months ago. When we were done, we thought he was going to ride off on a badass motorcycle, but he got into a tiny street sweeper instead. The I wandered around campus and ended up in this weird shack that was also supposed to be my HS auditorium with my boyfriend Tim from 10th grade. He didn't talk to me, but then dropped me a note that had his address on it. I turned around to ask him what it was for and he asked me to give it some chick. I got all pissed off and asked what the hell he was thinking asking his old girlfriend to get him a new one. I threw the note back at him and stormed out, which is when I found out I was in a weird little shack. The grounds kind of looked like Hogwarts. :p I walked for a while, then woke up.

FTR, Tim is the only boyfriend I feel really bad about being an asshole to. He didn't deserve it. I found out a few years ago that we had both been duped by a guy who was a friend of ours and who wanted to break us up so he could hook up with me (which happened later that summer). I was a real bitch to Tim in the next two years, and he didn't deserve it. I was his first girlfriend, he was my 3rd, and neither of us knew what the hell we were doing. I expected HS to be like a John Hughes movie. It wasn't, and that pissed me off.

I've finally started packing for the trip. I realized I need a few more things, so I'll head out tonight to get them. Packing should finish tomorrow. I'm really hoping to get everything into one large and one small suitcase, with one carry on each, plus an extra for schoolbooks and stuff. We'll see if it happens.

Oct 6, 2009

I had a mess of crazy dreams again last night. I don't remember most of them, but the one I do remember was... interesting.

I was an adult, but going to my old middle school. I was desperately trying to find something to wear that didn't make me look like a teacher. It was big drama. It was also winter, and everything was covered in snow. I had to walk there, and walk somewhere else, and go to yet another place. I walked a lot in that dream. I know some of my old friends were in it, but I can't remember who. I'm sure there's significance to all of this, but I'm not going to bother to figure it out. I probably had it because I'm headed home in a few days.

I tend to have a lot of dreams about Poughkeepsie and my high school. Most of them take place in the auditorium, which was where I spent most of my time. Marching band, concert band, chorus (yep- I was in chorus for a while- just because I don't sing doesn't mean I can't. I actually have a pleasant contralto voice when I choose to use it), and drama club took up most of my year. Add in free periods and hanging out in there after school and it's a perfect setting for lots of crazy dreams. Most of those usually have band involved in them. I'm never a kid in them, though. I'm almost always an adult, having to go back for some reason. And they usually happen when I'm stressed out by something. They're never pleasant- it's usually a lot of chasing and looking for something. Not fun.

Oct 5, 2009

Hi there. New blog. New start.

I'm abandoning MySpace, I think. Too many memories, too much temptation. I'm not sure if I'll delete my profile or not, but I'm thinking that if I continue to have a reason to go there, the temptation will stay. I don't want that temptation. I don't need it. I need to just let go.

It's really fucking hard, though. I was jonesing so fucking bad earlier to go and do something I swore I wouldn't, shouldn't and don't want to do. I had the racing heart, broke out in a cold sweat, and was shaking. Is that what withdrawal feels like? I've never been addicted to something before- is that what happens?

I didn't do it, though. I thought about it. I knit through it. Then I came here. Why here when I have a perfectly good Wordpress account? Don't know that either. Anonymity, maybe? A need to start something entirely new? I'm not sure. This blog isn't even under my usual username. I'm sure I'll post it on MySpace eventually, just so those who want to follow can. I just need some space, and a way to vent without temptation.